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  • ShawStrength E-Book by Brian Shaw

    ShawStrength E-Book by Brian Shaw

    ShawStrength E-Book by Brian Shaw



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    Product Description

    ShawStrength is the incredible story, training program, and nutrition plan of 3 time World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw!
    For many years Brian's life and training have been somewhat of a mystery. But now Brian has decided to reveal many of his secrets to building massive strength!

    In the book you will learn-

    -The inspiration behind Brian's motto and drive to "Be Great."
    -About Brian's journey and rise to the top of the strongman world
    -Insights into the World's Strongest Man contest
    -Brian's thoughts on his rivalry with Zydrunas Savickas
    -Details of Brian's training plan including:
    - Squats
    - How to build a monster deadlift
    - How to build pressing power
    - Secrets and tips to doing the strongman events
    -You'll also learn other intangibles such as:
    -Mental aspects of training and competing
    -The importance of having a great training crew
    -Being prepared
    -What to do 2 weeks out from a contest
    -Brian's full training plan
    -Brian's detailed nutrition plan
    ......and much more!!!!!

    If you are a Strongman, powerlifter, crossfitter, a fan of strongman, or anyone who wants to become as strong as possible, this book is for you!
    Learn how to become stronger than ever from one of the strongest men of all time with ShawStrength!!!

    Buy it now!!

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